My name is Christopher Flanagan. I'm a software architect, DevOps enthusiast, consultant, and servant leader living in Massachusetts. Awesome husband, and father to two wild children.

About Me

I am currently a Software Architect at a fast-growing, transformational company in the compensation industry. Duties include creating and enhancing performant, scalable frontend and backend solutions.

I started my career at one of the nation's largest non-hazardous waste water companies. I sourced telematics solutions, wrote custom interfaces and introduced routing capability to bring valuable insights into an aging ERP.

Open Source

A lightweight, C# based library for generating Anti CSRF tokens without using machine keys. Uses HMAC for message integrity and authentication.
A simple, extensible approach to reduce try..catch boilerplate.
A C# Windows service leveraging the SSH.NET library to create persistent SSH tunnels without the need for Cygwin or autossh.
NopCommerce Certified Developer
Certified developer for NopCommerce, a leading ASP.NET e-commerce platform, since March 2016.


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